Hello, I’m Lydia Li

Hello there, my name is Lydia Li and I’m an illustrator, product designer, photographer, a daydreamer and more… I could describe myself as a lot of things, but creative, passionate and food-lover are at the top of the list. I really like to be creative in all kind of ways. That’s the reason why I’ve started this blog, to express and capture my creativity and passion.

In 2015 I’m graduated from the Amsterdam University of Applied Science with a degree in Product Design. For my graduation work, I designed the Loena Lantern in co-operation with Ontwerpduo. After I’ve got graduated, I’ve started my own little project, as an illustrator.

All illustrations, photos and videos on lydiali.nl are by me (unless stated otherwise) . Please don’t use my images or texts without my permission.



Being pregnant is something pure, magical and luck. Cherish the moments, enjoy the moments. A new chapter is about to start for Daniëlle.  photography by Lydia Li

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